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Tamako Market (たまこまーけっと Tamako Māketto) - [Kyoto Animation, 2013]

Tamako Market (たまこまーけっと Tamako Māketto) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada. The series aired in Japan between January 10 and March 28, 2013. The anime has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks. A film sequel premiered in Japan in April 2014.

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Tamako Kitashirakawa is the eldest daughter of a family which runs the Tama-ya mochi shop in the Usagiyama Shopping District (うさぎ山商店街 Usagiyama Shōtengai). One day, Tamako encounters a strange talking bird named Dera Mochimazzi who comes from a distant land searching for a bride for his country's prince. After becoming overweight from eating too much mochi, Dera ends up becoming a freeloader in Tamako's home. The series follows the everyday life of Tamako, her friends, family and neighbors, and this peculiar bird.

The Tamako Market anime television series is produced by Kyoto Animation and aired on Tokyo MX between January 10 and March 28, 2013. The series is directed by Naoko Yamada and the script is written by Reiko Yoshida.[1] The art director is Ikuko Tamine and the character designs are provided by Yukiko Horiguchi. The sound director is Yota Tsuruoka and the music is composed by Tomoko Kataoka.[2] Bonus short episodes are included with the Blu-ray Disc and DVD volumes, which began release from March 20, 2013.[3] The opening and ending themes respectively are "Dramatic Market Ride" (ドラマチックマーケットライド Doramachikku Māketto Raido) and "Neguse" (ねぐせ, Bedhead), which are both performed by Aya Suzaki under her character name Tamako Kitashirakawa.[4] The anime has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks and it is streamed on the Anime Network.[5] It is also streamed in the United Kingdom on Anime on Demand.[6]
A film sequel, titled Tamako Love Story (たまこラブストーリー), premiered in theatres in Japan on April 26, 2014. The film was produced by the same staff and featured the same cast as the television series.[7] The film's opening theme is "Koi no Uta" (恋の歌) by Mamedai Kitashirakawa (Keiji Fujiwara). The film's ending theme is a different version of "Koi no Uta" sung by Aya Suzaki and the film's main theme song "Principle" (プリンシプル) is also by Suzaki.
light novel titled Tamako Market, written by Mutsuki Ichinose and illustrated by Yukiko Horiguchi, was published by Kyoto Animation on April 8, 2013.[8]

Friday, 11 December 2015

PICK ME UP + Nerdy Haul | Matcha Latte (Perfume cover)

The beautiful italian youtuber Serena Bertozzi, alias MATCHA LATTE, performs the PERFUME'S "PICK ME UP".

Perfume Double A-side Single 「Relax In The City / Pick Me Up」 2015.04.29 on sale

「Relax In The City」:「サッポロ グリーンアロマ」CMソング
「Pick Me Up」:Perfume × 伊勢丹 「Pick Me Up」コラボソング

「Relax In The City / Pick Me Up」がiTunes、レコチョク、A! MUSIC、他各配信サイトにて好評配信中!

Perfume Official Website

Thank you Serena.