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Q Transformers: Kaetekita Convoy no Nazo [Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns] - DLE - [2015]

Alternative title:
キュートランスフォーマー 帰ってきたコンボイの謎 (Japanese)
Themes: mecha
Vintage: 2015-01-06

Promo video for the new Q-Transformers Chibi style figures. The promo showcases the first wave of figures and what i believe is a website game based on mystery of convoy Famicom game. Also teased is a new Animated show for Q-Transformers.

Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns (キュートランスフォーマー 帰ってきたコンボイの謎 Kyūtoransufōmā Kaettekita Konboi no Nazo) is a cartoon released in support of the Q-Transformers toyline and mobile game. The short episodes include a CGI-rendered title sequence followed by drawn animation of several of the characters standing around a service area on one of Japan's many expressways, discussing aspects of Q-Transformers and Transformers in general. Episodes are broadcast on Tokyo MX, and released by animation company DLE on their YouTube and Nicovideo accounts.


The episodes are written and directed by Kotaro Ishidate and animated by DLE, with Mame Suzuki directing the animation and Sanae Fujioka on backgrounds. Music is provided by JPop band LiLi members Hajime and Jiro. The CGI title sequence was animated by 6 Dimensional Animation, and features the theme song "Physical" performed by OLDCODEXTatsuhisa Suzuki's band.

Home video release

All 13 episodes of Mystery of Convoy Returns will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 22, 2015, with certain stores offering exclusive bonuses with its purchase. If purchased through Amazon, Tower Records, HMV or Yodobashi Camera, it comes with little figures of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Lockdown, while at Animate it includes rubber straps of their human designs shown in episode 1.

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AirdateJanuary 62015
WriterKotaro Ishidate
DirectorKotaro Ishidate
Animation studioDLE

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