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Glassy Ocean [Kujira no Chouyaku] - [Shigeru Tamura, 1998]

Glassy Ocean (Kujira no Chouyaku) from Javtor on Vimeo.

Time has come to a standstill. A whale appears from a glassy ocean and spends half a day soaring gracefully across the skies. What makes this works extraordinary is the artist's decision to use the transparency and visual bulk of 3D computer graphics only for the un-moving ocean and glaciers. The people, whale, and ships are all hand-drawn, and with this contrast, he invites the viewer into a different world. This is a poem written in animation, the creation of a true fantasy. This project was a considerable under taking, and the results are marvelous.

Alternative title:
Glassy Ocean
クジラの跳躍 (Japanese)
クジラの跳躍 Glassy Ocean (Japanese)
Genres: dramafantasy
Plot Summary: On what apparently is a parallel world, time flows in a much slower pace than normal. The ocean remains on a solid state of matter as the eccentric individuals who inhabit this land casually wander over it.
Running time: 22 minutes
2000-09-17 (Latinamerica - Locomotion)
Official website:
DirectorShigeru Tamura
Original creatorShigeru Tamura
Producer: Mitsuo Shionaga

Animation producerAkemi Ueda
Visual DirectionShin'ya Kato

Animation ProductionProject Team Sara

Japanese cast:
Eric Jacobsen as man on the ocean floor
Hiroyuki Aoki as alcohol philosopher
Ichirô Nagai as old man
Kento Ogasawara as boy
Masaharu Satou as human building
Masatoshi Nagase as Narration
Masayuki Terashima as man with spear
Noboru Mitani as artist R
Shinichi Tsuda as lime student
Takeshi Toshishige as dreaming man

BroadcasterCanal + (from June 1998)
BroadcasterLocomotion (Latinamerica)

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