Wednesday, 29 June 2016

CGI Animated Shorts HD: "Orbitas" - by PrimerFrame - [2014]

Check out this fantastic CGI animated short film, made entirely by the talented students from the animation school, PrimerFrame! Synopsis: A war between two great powers is sweeping a planet. Both sides support their respective communication satellites orbiting in the limits of the atmosphere. Its two crew crossing every day at the same time from their respective ships, and all the rivalry of the planet is not enough to stop the love that is about to emerge.

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Full Cast & Crew:
Juan Gargallo_______Visual Dev, Texturing, Animation, Opening seq____
Sergio Sempere_____Character Artist and Visual Dev, End Credits______
Pablo Noguera______Fx Artist, Layout Artist, Compo, Render Pipeline___
Aleksandr Nikítin_____Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation_________
Rafel Bernabeu______Rigging and Tools, Render Pipeline___________
Alberto Cebrián______Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Compo__________ 
Marga Rozas________Layout Artist, Animation, Editing 
Adrián Cuella "Xan"___FX Artist, Lighting, Compo___________________
Javier Sevilla ________Modeling, Flash Animator___________________
Laura Zamora_______Generalist_______________________________
Pablo Conca________Modeling, Fx Artist, Lighting, Compo____________ 
Jose A. Del Rey______Modeling, Animation, Fx Artist, Compo__________
Alberto de la Guía____Modeling, Fx Artist, Lighting, Compo____________
Manuel A. González___Layout Artist, Animation______________________
Víctor Hugo Polo_____Modeling, Lighting, Texturing 
Jose M. Martínez_____Modeling, Animation________________________
Juan P. Cerro_______Modeling, Animation________________________

Primer Frame Animation School Staff:
Jaime Maestro - Director 
Ana Amat - Lighting Teacher
Raúl Colomer - FX Compo/ Set & Props Teacher
Eduardo Oliden - Character Modelling Teacher
Joan Alamar - Script/Acting Teacher
Aitor Herrero - Preproduction Teacher
Carlos Escutia - PrimerFrame CEO
Emilio Domenech - Production
Ana Penedés Vera - Office
Javier Lopez - Systems Engineering
Juan Andres GT - Music
Foncho Santos - Sound FX

Felix Joleanes, Justin Neri (projectoverlord), Stefan Minning (NormalityAE), HAMZAXDESIGN (freedom font), Albert Alomar (Rs PointCache Merger), John Rand (FXBBQ y FX Floater, Bobby Pontillas, Arcadio Malasombra, Friendsheepers, Vendedores, Vecinos, Ladrones, Geos y, por supuesto, a todas nuestras familias y amigos por su apoyo.

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