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Watch the restored trailer for Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius' never-released sci-fi epic THE INCAL - [Pascal Blais] - [1980]

L'Incal è una serie fantascientifica a fumetti scritta da Alejandro Jodorowsky e illustrata da Moebius. È stata pubblicata originariamente tra il 1981 e il 1988 sulla rivista francese Métal Hurlant, con il titolo Une aventure de John Difool (Un'avventura di John Difool). Ristampata nel 1998, viene ribattezzata L'Incal.
I sei volumi che la compongono sono:
  1. L'Incal nero (1981)
  2. L'Incal luce (1982)
  3. Ciò che è in basso (1983)
  4. Ciò che è in alto (1985)
  5. La quinta essenza 1: Galassia che medita (1988)
  6. La quinta essenza 2: Il pianeta Difool (1988)

In un futuro lontano e distopico il detective John Difool riceve un misterioso oggetto, l'Incal luce, dalle mani di un alieno morente. Molte fazioni sono alla ricerca di questo Incal e John viene coinvolto suo malgrado in una vasta avventura.'Incal

And here's the original unrestored trailer. 

© Les Humanoïdes Associés
A movie trailer project inspired by the graphic novel "The INCAL", from Moebius and Jodorowsky.

A while ago, I reunited a bunch of artists from the original "Heavy Metal" movie to produce a trailer based upon this great work. Then I got busy building my company and it sat on my shelf until a few months back, when I decided to revamp it with today's digital punch.

Two sequences from the original "Heavy Metal" movie were borrowed from Moebius's work; "The Long Tomorrow" story and "Arzach". Given that till this day, Moebius and Jodorowsky are heralded as some of the world's greatest Sci-Fi visionaries; it seems to me that a film, based on their work would be even more successful than one inspired by it.

Bringing these incredible artist's work to the big screen, I am convinced would be a great much so that I animated and directed this piece with other like artists.

-Pascal Blais

Here are the contributors to this project:


Pascal Blais, Director / Animator
Jean Blais, Line producer 
Daniel Decelles, Animator
Tapani Knuutila, Animator
Mitch Lemire, Animator
Louis Piché, Animator
Shivan Ransaran, Animator
Norm Rouen, Animator
Jean Sarault, Animator and airbrushFX
Max Tremblay, Animator
Keith Van Allan, Animator
Joseph Gilland, SFX Animator
Pascal Blais, Head Assist Animator
Bennie Denk , Assist Animator
Hasmig Marangian, Assist Animator
Anne Chevalier, Assist Animator
Christian Bénard, Layouts & Backgrounds
Rammond Lebrun, Layout Artist
Pierre Houde, Background Artist
Jean Banville, Line Up
Maldwin Philipps, Xerox
Bonnie Glover, Color Models
Lucie Belec, Head Inker
Don Barrett, Paint & Trace
Joan Churchill, Paint & Trace
Nancy Cosgrove, Paint & Trace
André Desjardins, Paint & Trace
Andrew Gryn, Paint & Trace
Philip Anderson, Digital P & T
Nancy Parisella, Digital P & T
Michel Laroche, Kodalith mattes
Pierre Provost, Cameraman
Serge Langlois, Optical camera
Pascal Blais ,Head Editor & Compositing
Marc-André Bourgouin, Compositing
Guillaume Balckburn, Compositing
Jacob Potashnick, Film Editing
Pascal Languirand, Music composer
Vlasta Vrana, Voice Talent

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