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NINJA SCROLL - Movie Trailer - [Music: Kaoru Wada] - [2003]

Jubei is wandering noble sword for hire, but when a chance meeting leads him to save young ninja woman from rape he makes enemies with a group of demonic humans. Jubei and the woman part ways, but later a government spy forces Jubei to join up with her again and investigate the mysterious death of an entire village. The investigation reveals a conspiracy involving the demons and a man from Jubei’s past who is supposed to be dead. As they get closer to the truth the demons close in on them and pretty soon Jubei finds himself in a deadly fight with many super strong inhuman opponents.

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    Ninja Scroll (TV) (2003-04-15 to 2003-07-15, sequel)

Alternative title:
Jūbei Ninpūchō (Japanese)
Jubei the Wind Ninja
Wind Ninja Chronicles
Манускрипт ниндзя (Russian)
獣兵衛忍風帖 (Japanese)
獸兵衛忍風帖 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Genres: actiondramahorrormagic
Themes: historicalninja

Objectionable content: Intense

DirectorYoshiaki Kawajiri
ScreenplayYoshiaki Kawajiri
MusicKaoru Wada
Original WorkYoshiaki Kawajiri
Original Character DesignYoshiaki Kawajiri
Character DesignYutaka Minowa
Art DirectorHiromasa Ogura
Animation DirectorYutaka Minowa
Director of PhotographyHitoshi Yamaguchi

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