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Kamui the Ninja (忍風カムイ外伝 Ninpū Kamui Gaiden) - [1969]

Kamui the Ninja: Stories Other Than the Legend (忍風カムイ外伝 Ninpū Kamui Gaiden) is a shōnen anime produced by Tele-Cartoon Japan in 1969. It was broadcast in Japan from 6 April 1969 to 28 September 1969 by Fuji TVKamui the Ninja had 26 episodes with a running time of 22 minutes each one. The series was based on the manga The Legend of Kamui by Sanpei Shirato.


Kamui is a ninja from the Edo period who has decided to leave his clan. After doing so he is pursued relentlessly by the members of his former clan; who consider him to be a traitor and therefore wish to kill him. Kamui then wanders around Japan to escape from them by using his intelligence and great abilities to survive. In the course of the series Kamui begins to suffer from paranoia because of his status as a persecuted man. Kamui then started to believe that everybody wished to murder him and became distrusting of everyone he came across.

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Alternative title:
Kamui the Ninja: Stories Other Than the Legend
Kamui, El Ninja Desertor (Spanish)
L'invincibile Ninja Kamui (Italian)
Las aventuras de Kamui , el ninja desertor (Spanish)
忍風カムイ外伝 (Japanese)
Genres: actionadventure
Themes: historical
After working his way up from the oppressed peasant class, the rogue ninja Kamui must struggle to free himself from the iron fist of his own clan. He travels through all the country running from ruthless killers who have traveled to the ends of the Earth to destroy him.
Running time: 22 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 26

Vintage: 1969-04-06 to 1969-09-28
Opening Theme:
"Shinobi no Theme (Instrumental)" (忍びのテーマ) by Tatsuya Jo
Ending Theme:
"Shinobi no Theme" (忍びのテーマ) by Hiroshi Mizuhara
Insert song:
"Shiroi Tsubame" (白いつばめ) by Duke Aces

Chief DirectorYonehiko Watanabe
ScriptJunji Tashiro
Original creatorSanpei Shirato (manga)
Character DesignShuichi Seki
Art Director: Toshihiro Ōsumi

Chief animatorTsuneo Komuro
In-Between Animation:
Hisaei Nanba (eps 1, 16)
Joji Fukuda (eps 11, 23)
Setsuo Keuchi (8 episodes)
Toshitaka Tsunoda (8 episodes)

AnimationTele-Cartoon Japan
BroadcasterFuji TV
ProductionAkame Productions

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