Saturday, 15 November 2014

Top 999 Favorite Anime Songs アニメソング - [by Iriluvslime]

Source: Iriluvslime

Updated, completely subjective list of some anime songs (i.e., with lyrics) I rather like that I've run across over the years.
私の訪問者のほとんどは日本から来ているようだ。 ようこそ! あまりにも他の良い曲をお勧めしてください! (すみません、日本語はちょっと。。。)

Before anyone asks, it's not the video editing or cleanup of SD source material or transition timings or the Japanese translations or the image touch-up or the compiling information that takes time on something like this -- The real time-consumer was listening to the other 95% of the songs that are not on this list. But that's a long-term project and I've been doing it for a while. Also, please don't take the "rankings" too seriously, since I certainly don't.

Assorted statistics for those who like to keep count:

Distribution by decade: 
1960s: 3
1970s: 13
1980s: 116
1990s: 237
2000s: 455
2010s: 175

Average Song Date: May 2001
Median Song Date: 2004
Modal Year: 2007

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