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City of Lights - [Teun van der Zalm & Daan Verbiest] - [2007]

Sources: teunvanderzalm (Youtube ch.)

A city is growing from abstract to stylistic. The city is growing towards the future.

Music by Alexander Reumers
Additional design by Andres G Lazaro
Animation, design and direction by Teun van der Zalm & Daan Verbiest

Film still from the 2007 short animation film "City of Lights".
Directors: Teun van der zalm, Daan Verbiest
Animation Directors: Teun van der Zalm, Daan Verbiest
Writer (Original Story): Teun van der Zalm
Editor: Daan Verbiest
Designer: Andres Lazaro
Composer: Alexander Reumers
Copyright © 2007 Teun van der Zalm, Daan Verbiest

van der Zalm Teun
(Salmonick Productions) 

After secondary school and MBO Fotonica in s Hertogenbosch I did an entrance examination for the Utrecht School of the Arts Animation. I passed and in August 2008 I have got my diploma. During my education I have made several projects. "Over" and "City of Lights" were selected for several film festivals. "Tears" my latest film is about a little boy who is suffering from the upcoming divorse of his parents. My meanly tasks were writing, producing, animating and directing. 

Official selections:

• Nederlands Film Festival 2007
• Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2008
• De Parade 2008
• Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation 2008
• Holland Animation Festival 2008
• Brest European Short Film Festival 2008
• HDfest 2008
• Cinerail: International Festival Train and Metro on film 2009
• Festival NEMO 2009
• Nederlands Online Film Festival 2009
• Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival 2009
• Invideo: International Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond 2009
• Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films 2010

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