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Envious Heart - [Carolyn Chrisman] - [2006]

"[...] This film took about 3 years (from early 2003 to late 2006), mostly because I was working on another project I eventually dropped. Then I came back to this one, and I'm glad I did [...]". 
(Carolyn Chrisman)

Hand drawn, scanned into Photoshop, and painted in Photoshop. 
Music: Carmina Burana by Carl Orff 

Circa mea pectora(Down inside the soul of me)
(CB180, 5,6,7 of 7)

Circa mea pectora
multa sunt suspiria
de tua pulchritudine,
que me ledunt misere.
     Manda liet, manda liet,
     min geselle chumet niet.
Tui lucent oculi
sicut solis radii,
sicut splendor fulguris,
qui lucem donat tenebris.
     Manda liet, manda liet,
     min geselle chumet niet.
Vellet deus, vellent dii,
quod mente proposui:
ut eius virginea
reserassem vincula.
     Manda liet, manda liet,
     min geselle chumet niet.

Down inside the soul of me
sighs consume the whole of me
oh, for all your loveliness,
cause of all my heart's distress:
     Lackaday, tackaday,
     will she never come my way?
How the sparkling of your eyes
dims the sun that scours the skies!
like a lightning streak it flings
brightness down on shadowed things.
     Lackaday, tackaday,
     will she never come my way?
May the gods of love be kind
to the plan I have in mind -
shatter to nihility
her chains of virginity.
     Lackaday, tackaday,
     will she never come my way?


Special Jury Awards for Best Art Direction of the Festival and Swarovski
Designer Award, International Jugendfilmfestival, Kundl, Austria
Best of Festival, Digital Days Student Film Festival Santa Barbara
Best Animation, Youth Division, Newport Beach Film Festival
First Place High School Animation, Best Fest America, La Jolla
First Place Animation, Santa Monica Teen Film Festival
Best Animation, The International Student Film Festival
Best High School Animation, After Hours Film Society Student Shorts, Illinois
Selection, Chicago International Childrens Film Festival
Selection, Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Selection, Mill Valley Film Festival
Selection, Longbaugh Film Festival, Portland
Selection, Redstick International Animation Festival, LSU Baton Rouge

Carolyn Chrisman has been animating since she was 11 years old, taking a night class at a junior high school where she discovered her love of telling stories through this moving art form. After a successful stint through numerous children's film festivals, Carolyn decided, then and there, that animation would be her "thing," so to speak.
More recently, Carolyn graduated from the USC School of Animation. She's dabbled in all sorts of freelance work, a studio job, and multiple collaborations. These days, however, she's gotten back to what she loves doing most, which is producing animated shorts. Her newest animation venture is FiddleGriff Films, her self-run, 1-woman (so far!) animation studio, and the production of numerous animated shorts and a feature length animated film called Canary 751.      
Carolyn also has an on-again/off-again flirtatious relationship with writing, which came about the same time as her love for animation, and she hopes to publish a book series one day. That is, if she can ever get over her crippling perfectionism and finish a proper draft of the darn thing...  
The gist of it is, Carolyn is always busy doing something, and always looking for the next project to tackle.
In her free time, Carolyn gardens, volunteers for her local foster kitten program, and aspires, as always, to be a Pokemon Master.

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