Friday, 8 August 2014

Kihachiro Kawamoto - The Demon [1972]

Japanese doll stop motion film
The Demon(鬼) - Kihachiro Kawamoto - 1972

English Caption (This is not correct caption perfectly. )

00:01 A long time ago, somewhere, hunter brothers are live with their old mother.
00:08 鬼(the demon)
01:00 ......And so old...... without hope, miserable life......
01:10 Mother, 
01:17 We're going to hunt a deer.
01:24 It's so dark night. Be careful. 
02:12 Older brother, I heard some sound.
02:22 It's a wind.
02:41 Older brother, there's some gleamed in the dark.
02:56 They are fireflies.
03:13 You take 'deer standby pose' on the upstair of tree. I'll take 'standby pose' under the tree.
03:38 Brother!
03:53 Louder-! I shot above point of sound.
03:58 Brother!
04:14 Are you hurt?
04:19 I'm Ok.
04:31 Demon's arm!
04:50 Ahh! This arm is......
04:54 Mother!
05:13 You!
06:06 ~ 06:36 Too old people of parents will change to be a demon. And the demon must be going to eat human's body even if it's a child body. 'How a scary something.' is told around public. ...from a long time ago ...

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