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Moomin (ムーミン Muumin) - Masaaki Osumi, Rintaro [1969-1970]

【Moomin 1969】01 - The Secret of the Silk Hat 【Japanese】

Moomin (ムーミン Mūmin) was a Japanese anime television series broadcast on Fuji Television between 1969 and 1970. The series was loosely based on the Moomin books by Finnish author Tove Jansson.[1] A sequel series entitled "Shin Muumin," (New Moomin) was later released. Jansson, however, never really approved of the series due to dramatic changes in areas such as plot, atmosphere, and character personality. In addition, the sequel was directed to adults rather than children.
The series was never translated into European languages or released outside Japan. It is also notably different from the later anime television series "Moomin," released in the early 1990s, which was translated into many languages and realeased in dozens of countries. The later series is much more faithful to the original spirit of the Moomin books, and was accepted as a part of the Moomin franchise.
This series is the 1969 version of Moomin. It is only called "Moomin" in Japan. Its first half is referred to as "Tokyo Movie version," as opposed to the latter half, or the "Mushi Pro version". Hisashi Inoue, a novelist and dramatist who won many prizes, participated as ascreenwriter in the first half.
Tokyo Movie that undertook the production of this at first drew the eye of Moomin greatly according to liking of a Japanese children, and drew him lovely. The character of Moomin also differs from the original. He was a naughty ordinary boy who occasionally did fight or was a little sly. Moreover, since the car etc. appeared in everyday life ordinarily, Tove Jansson, the original author, got angry, saying "my Moomin is No car, No fight, and No money" (At that time, Hayao Miyazaki who had participated in this work as an animator opposed it, and made the tank appear in the work). Although the reputation as animation for the boys in whom elements of an adventure and a comedy, etc. were incorporated was very high, it was too different from the original. In addition, the names weren't the same as in the original, and the heroine who didn’t have any name in the original (and was called only "The Snork Maiden") was named "Nonono". The first director took the name from his wife's pet. However, she was renamed "フローレン, Fraulen" which parodied the word "Fräulein" to mean "young lady" in later "Delightful Moomin Family" because the author disliked her name being audible as "non, non (no, no)". As a result, Tokyo Movie had the contract cancelled, and the character design had been changed by her complaint.
Mushi pro version which took over this work had a lot of literary episode in which a mysterious story, a scary story, an absurd story, a myth story or a tragedy, etc. were included.
Still, her consent is not obtained, and the program has ended.

The Moomins (SwedishMumintrollFinnishMuumi) are the central characters in a series of books, and a comic strip bySwedish-speaking Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson, originally published in Swedish by Schildts[2] in Finland. They are a family of white, roundish fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses. The carefree and adventurous family live in their house in Moominvalley, though in the past, their temporary residences have included alighthouse and a theatre. They have had many adventures along with their various friends.
In all, nine books were released in the series, together with five picture books and a comic strip being released between 1945 and 1993.
The Moomins have since been the basis for numerous television series, films and even a theme park called Moomin World inNaantaliFinland.
The Moomin stories concern several eccentric and oddly-shaped characters, some of whom are related to each other. The central family consists of Moominpappa,Moominmamma and Moomintroll.[3]
Other characters, such as HemulenSniffThe Snork maidenSnufkin and Little My are accepted into or attach themselves to the family group from time to time, generally living separate lives in the surrounding Moominvalley, where the series is set. It is in this fictional valley, that the Moomin family decides to live at the end of The Moomins and the Great Flood.



Mumin sono personaggi di finzione creati dalla scrittrice ed illustratrice finlandese di lingua svedese Tove Jansson. Dall'aspetto simile ad ippopotami bianchi, abitano nella valle omonima, luogo tranquillo e sicuro, e le loro storie narrano degli eventi che accadono nella valle.
Compaiono in una serie di romanzi e libri illustrati per bambini scritti e disegnati da Tove Jansson fra il 1945 ed il 1980, e tradotti dallo svedese in 38 lingue, trasformati in fumetticartoni animati e anche in un'opera lirica. I Mumin sono particolarmente popolari nei paesi scandinavi ed in Giappone, dove nel 1969 ne è stato tratto un anime intitolato Moomin.

Moomin (ムーミン Muumin) è un anime prodotto dalla Mushi Productions e dalla Tokyo Movie Shinsha nel 1969 in 65 episodi e ispirato ai racconti dei Mumin scritti da Tove Jansson a partire dal 1945. Da questo anime è stato prodotto un seguito nel 1972 dal titolo Shin Moomin. La serie è stata trasmessa per la prima volta dalla Fuji Television a partire dal 5 ottobre1969; nonostante il World Masterpiece Theater della Nippon Animation non fosse ancora ufficialmente iniziato, l'anime è da considerarsi un precursore di tale progetto.

Masaaki Osumi (eps 1-26)
Rintaro (eps 27-65)
StoryboardSoji Yoshikawa (Mushi)
Episode Director:
Ippei Sukehiro (Mushi)
Mitaka Fujishi (Mushi)
Mitsuo Kamiri (Mushi)
Moribi Murano (Mushi)
Noboru Ishikuro (Mushi)
Rintaro (Mushi)
Satoshi Dezaki (Mushi)
Seiji Okuda (Mushi)
Terumasa Kan (Mushi)
Wataru Mizusawa (Mushi)
Yu Yamamoto (Mushi)
MusicSeichiro Uno
Original storyTove Jansson
Art Director:
Hideo Chiga (eps 1-26)
Katsumi Hando (eps 27-65)
Animation Director:
Mitsuo Kimura (Mushi)
Osamu Kobayashi (Tokyo Movie Shinsha)
Toyoo Ashida (Mushi)
Tsutomu Shibayama (Tokyo Movie Shinsha)
Yasuo Otsuka (Tokyo Movie Shinsha)
Executive producerMasami Iwasaki
Masami Iwasaki (eps 27-65)
Yoshihiro Nosaki (eps 1-26)

AnimationMao Lamdo (Tokyo Movie Shinsha)
Key Animation:
Hayao Miyazaki (Mushi; 1 episodes)

Mao Lamdo (Mushi)

Kyôko Kishida as Moomin Troll

Chikao Ohtsuka as Stinky
Hiroyuki Nishimoto as Snufkin
Hitoshi Takagi as Moomin Papa
Jouji Yanami as Muskrat
Junko Hori as Mii
Junpei Takiguchi as Moran
Kôichi Kitamura as Herumu
Kousei Tomita as Sniff
Masashi Amenomori as Hemulin
Miyoko Shoji as Mimura
Taichirou Hirokawa as Snork
Yoshiko Yamamoto as Too-Ticky

BroadcasterFuji TV
Mushi Production (eps 27-65)
Tokyo Movie Shinsha (eps 1-26)

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