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The Fly - [by Ferenc Rofusz, 1980]

The Fly - Oscar Short Animated Film 1980

Another contemporary animation classic on YouTube. This 1980 Hungarian short by Ferenc Rofusz won an Oscar. Hungary was at the time a Communist country and Rofusz himself wasn’t allowed to leave the country to attend the Oscars. Without his knowledge, somebody accepted the award for him during the show. I recall watching an interview once with Rofusz where he explained who the guy was, and how surprised he was during the broadcast to see somebody he didn’t know accepting the award for him. This excerpt from the LA Times in 1981 discusses the mystery person who took his award:

Academy officials were still wondering late Tuesday night if the real Ferenc Rofusz had accepted his award. Rofusz, the Hungarian producer of the winning animated short film “The Fly,” had not been scheduled to attend the ceremonies. But just as presenters Alan Arkin and Margot Kidder were announcing that the academy would accept on behalf of Rofusz, a bearded man bounded onto the stage, made a short acceptance speech, posed for the obligatory photos and departed with an Oscar, leaving, somehow, an air of mystery


Ferenc Rofusz is an internationally recognized artist who has been distinguished with numerous international awards for his accomplishments in the field of animation. He is also the recipient of the 1980 Oscar for writing, directing and producing the animated short film, “The Fly.” 

Born in Hungary in 1946, he began his career in animation as an assistant director in 1968 at Pannonia Studios in Budapest, and by 1984 he had the position of animation director. In 1984 he left for West Germany where he designed several animated TV series. 
In 1988 Mr. Rofusz moved to Canada where he worked for Nelvana Ltd. an animation company in Toronto. In 1990 he established his own animation company. He is the founder and the Creative Director of Super Fly Films Inc. that produced more than sixty commercials and several animation projects up to now using both traditional and computer / digital animation techniques. 


Born in Hungary in 1946, he began his career in animation as an assistant director in 1968 at Pannonia Studios in Budapest, and by 1984 he had the position of animation director. In 1974 he created a unique production titled    “A Kö” (“The Stone”) 

1977    “Gusztáv olvasna” (“Gustav wants to Read”) TV series,   
           Marcell Jankovics, co‑director 
           TV series first prize, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 

1978    “Kutyakiállitás” (“Dogshow”) animated commercial 
           Category winner of the Budapest Festival of Commercials 

1980    “A Légy” (“The Fly”) unconventional animated film 
            Viewers Award and Category‑prize, Ottawa, Canada 
            Viewers Award, Lucca, Italy 
            Grand Prize, Lille, France 
            Critique’s Prize, Krakow, Poland 
            Main Prize for best animation, Espigno, Portugal 
            Fairplay‑prize, Miskolc, Hungary 
1981     Oscar, The Academy Award of Merit, Los Angeles, USA 
            The Hungarian Government awarded him with the Merit of 
            Socialist Culture 
            Balázs Béla Merit 

1982     “Holt Pont” (“Dead‑point”) unconventional animated film 
             Juri’s special prize, Stuttgart, Germany 
             Category winner, Oberhausen, Germany 

1983     “Gravitáció” (“Gravitation”) unconventional animated film 
             Category winner, Hiroshima, Japan 
             Category winner, Oberhausen, Germany 
             Festival Main Prize, Miskolc, Hungary 
             Category winner. Espigno, Portugal 
             Category winner, Toronto, Canada 

1984      Of the Budapest Concert‑bureau, Mr. Rofusz was contracted for 
             TV and animation series in Germany 

1988      Canada, Nelvana Film Ltd. ‑ TV series and commercials 

1990      Establishing Super Fly Film Inc.  Mr. Rofusz’ own 
             animation studio 

            “Road Warrior” animated commercial 
             Category 3. Prize, Houston, USA 

1992     “Animated News” Book commercial 
             Bessies‑prize, Canada 
             Category 2. prize, Hiroshima, Japan 

1998     “Buccaneers Gold” computer game 
             Category prize, San Francisco, USA 

1999     “Solutions” animated commercial 
             Category prize, Houston, USA 

2002      “Tüzet szüntess!” (“Cease‑fire!”)  unconventional 
             animated film 
             Shown at the 2003 Film exhibition, Hungary 

2005      “Szerencse fel”   (“Good Luck”) TV series 
             “Kutyaélet” („Dog’s Life”) unconventional animated film 
              Category prize, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
              Category prize, Dervio, Italy 

2007        “Ez kész Pénz!” an original idea for TV series. 

2010       The Board of Directors at the university of MOME granted 
him   the title: Cimzetes Egyetemi Tanár, (Titular University   Professor). 

2011       Kossuth‑díj, (In Hungary it is the most 
              prestigious government  decoration). 

              „Ticket" unconventional animated film 
              The prize of the Youth-Jury for “Ticket” at KAFF, 
              (Kecskemét  Animation     Film Festival) 

     Golden Spike Prize, Valladolid, International Film Festival, Spain

Presently in Budapest, teaching and working on several ideas for   animation. 

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