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Bandai's (Tamashii) Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z 40th Anniversary - [2012]

Nel Dicembre 2012, in occasione della commemorazione del 40° anniversario della serie televisiva Mazinger Z, la Bandai Co. Ltd. ha presentato una realizzazione molto dettagliata di circa 30 cm di altezza del celebre robot ideato da Go Nagai.
Quest'opera presentata in un video ufficiale, qui riportato, dallo stesso presidente della Bandai Kazunori Ueno e dallo stesso Go Nagai, appartiene alla ormai storica serie di modellini "Soul of Chogokin" (超合金魂 Chōgōkin Damashii) o "Anima di Superlega".
Chogokin era il termine coniato ne '72 da Nagai per indicare il metallo di cui era costituito Mazinga.
Qui si riporta il link al documento PDF della comunicazione ufficiale della Bandai del 40° anniversario della serie tv con relativo annuncio del lancio del prodotto da collezione.

Documento ufficiale Bandai Co. Ltd.:

In December, 2012, Bandai Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Kazunori Ueno, Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) will release a highly-detailed, approximately 30-cm tall DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z figurine (JPY 36,750 including tax) in Japan, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the popular Mazinger Z television cartoon that took Japan by storm during its broadcast from 1972 through 1974 [...]. 
                                                                                                        Leggi il documento per intero ...

Official Bandai's Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z 40th Anniversary

Altri video sul "Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z 40th":

Mazinger Z 40th anniversary bandai review and unboxing

Bandai 40th Anniversay DX Chogokin Mazinger Z Review

2012 marks the 40th anniversary of Go Nagai's iconic character Mazinger Z. Since 1972, Mazinger has been broadcast all around the world creating thousands of hardcore fans. So what does Japan have in store for such a glorious representative of its culture abroad? Let's see: a first glimpse of the anniversary was given to us at the and of 2010 with the acclaimed and much discussed series Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen, by director Yasuhiro Imagawa. The series came with a manga reinterpretation of the character by Yoshiaki Tabata and Yuuki Yougo titled Shin Mazinger Zero, which is still running, and which will probably end this october, just in time for the celebration. In 2011 we had Mazinkaiser SKL, a three part OVA series which is a concentration of robotic wild action. Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger have been the first characters to be sold in the Super Robot Chogokin line by Bandai. A certain number of limited coulour figures were sold already, culminating with the Devilman colour figure this year, which was sold out in less than two hours (Devilman co-celebrates the anniversary, but we are talking about Mazinger now). The cinematographic team up movies which ran in cinemas between 1973 and 1975 are going to be digitally remastered for high definition and released as a blu-ray box this october. Incidentally enough, the first of such movies co stars Devilman. In December will be released a 30cm DX Soul of Chogokin model, reproducing Mazinger's hangar; the robot will have removable armor, with detailed reproduction of all the mechanisms. Comic wise, Mangashop has already released a reprint of the UFO Robot Grendizer manga, including the never previously released episodes drawn by Yu Okazaki, one of mr. Nagai's assistants, better known for his 'bishoujos'. In september, a new and revised edition of the Mazinger Z cover manga by Gosaku Ota, with three never before printed episodes, will be released. Kodansha, on the other hand is releasing a revised edition of Mazin Saga, a darker, more adult version of Mazinger which began serialization in the 90s but was never completed. This new edition will add something like 400 pages between retouches, adjustments, and new pages. As a further good news, it seems Toei animation is going to merchandise Mazinger Z in latin America, both for television and home video. 
Whether you are into comics, toy collecting or animation, if you love Mazinger Z,there will be something for you to buy out there.
In the end, as a hardcore fan myself, I can only say 'Happy Birthday, Mazinger' and Thank You Very Much, Mr Go Nagai, for bringing Your wonderful creation to fans all over the world.

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