Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kobu-Tori - The Stolen Lump (Yasuji Murata) - [1929]

In Kobu-Tori, an old man with a lump growing on his face takes refuge in a hollow tree during a thunderstorm.  When he awakens, he finds the forest populated by mythic creatures.  He dances with the sprites and as a reward, the creatures remove his deformity.  Back in the village, he tells another man who has a similar growth on his face?  Will the creatures bestow the same boon upon this other man? 

The Stolen Lump
Original Soundtrack
Production Company: Yokohama Cinema
Drawings: Yasuji Murata
Script & original story: Chuzo Aochi
Cinematograher: Yukikiyo Ueno

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