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吉成鋼 (YOSHINARI Kou) is a professional animator and illustrator best known for his artwork and character designs in the Valkyrie Profile video game series. His most recent anime work include doing the character designs for the White Album TV series. Yoshinari Kou is the older brother of Yoshinari You, and the two frequently work together on both Valkyrie Profile artwork and anime animation. Yoshinari Kou’s birthday is on January 1st 1969, and was born in Tokyo, Japan.
Y.Kou’s illustration style is essentially realistic and with heavy oil-paining like colours. He seems to specialize in detailing everything from hair to clothing accessories. The eyes are quite small compared to standard anime-style art, and with correct proportionsshading, and even actual lips, Y.Kou’s art usually evokes a strong similarity to standard fantasy-themed western art, though he might stray from his personal style for the sake of his job. Compared to his brother You’s colouring, Kou’s colours are extremely solid, and the folds of the fabric on clothes usually have significant depth and even look sculpted sometimes.
Y.Kou’s animations skills are even more incredible than his illustrations, and he is higly renowned and respected in the Japanese animation world for them. He is extremely good at animating explosion and walking sequences, though to be honest, he is almost godly at animating whatever he was assigned. The high degree of fluidity and number of simultaneous subtle movements is absolutely astounding. Please see these sequences for yourself.

Family name (in kanji): 吉成
Given name (in kanji): 鋼
Date of birth: 1969-01-20
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Super Atragon (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
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