Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Chopin de Ghibli ショパンdeジブリ [FULL ALBUM] - [2009]

Lisa Nakazono-Węgłowska (中園ヴェングォフスカ理沙 Nakazono Venguofusuka Risa), born 15 February 1984, is a Japanese classically trained professional pianist. She is signed with the label Sony Music, and JESC (Japan-Exchange-Seminar-Concerts foundation, JESC Ongaku Bunka Shinkōkai) is her acting agency.
Née Risa Nakazono, the Westernized "Lisa" spelling appeared on her first CD release. She is married to a Polish diplomat, and since 2013 has styled herself "Lisa Nakazono-Węgłowska". She lives in Tokyo.

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